Monday, 26 October 2009

See Ya After

So I've been in Australia for 2 weeks now. It feels like I've always been here, which is a good sign. The weather is good, not too hot just yet, but sunny and dry. Food, drink, rent, and other things such as arts and crafts materials are bloody cheap. We're moving into a new house this week, so should have office/studio set up soon after so I'm really looking forward to resuming my comic-ing/drawing. It's great here and I love it.

Anyway, just before i left, I met up with a few friends for last drinks before I headed off. Good ol' Paddy Lynch was there and presented me with the best present that I could ever have asked for - A going away book compilation, put together by cardboard press, and with original drawings from non other than Phil Barrett, Katie Blackwood, Bob Byrne, Cathal Duggan, Paddy Lynch and Gar Shanley. I was bowled over and I want to take this opportunity to thank all the above for such an amazing gesture and that I'm a lucky man to have contributions from such talent collected in a cardboard press book! The pictures above are posted in the order that they appeared in the book.

Thanks mates! Strewth!

Monday, 19 October 2009

24 Hour Madness!!

G'day from the southern Hemisphere. Well I made it safe and sound to Adelaide and have been settling in nicely for the past week. The flight was a super mega mind fuck and I don't recommend it unless you're drugged up sufficiently. Anyway it's all good and i'm pretty much over the jetlag now so roll on new life down here. I've been into 2 of the 4 main comic stores in the city, and already have some Mindpuss Vol.1 in the bigger shop. There is a great comic scene down here and look forward to infiltrating it as soon as I can...

I hooked up with the crew (via webcam) in the Central Hotel over the weekend who were doing the 24hr challenge. Was great to see everyone busying away at the comics in the background, and very weird. I chose to do 'Once you get inside, you'll never get out' from the random title generator. I managed to do a couple of pages during the day, with a little help from my new friends "Mercury Cider" and "Beez Neez Beer"-but still got a few to do before it's finished. I'll scan them and get them up on the site as soon as I get a scanner sorted.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Up to no good.

These two charming kids are popping up in Mindpuss Vol. 2. What are their names, where do they live, what are they going to do next next? I don't really know, suffice it to say that it might get ugly around here...

Oh yeah, I did a short telephone interview with those handsome giglers, Liam & Craig over at The Comic Cast, in a final chat before I head off to Oz. So head over and give it a listen.