Saturday, 26 September 2009

Card from Hilbo

Longstoner and hip-hopster Hilbo sent me a going away card last week which is as awesome as going away cards get! This is weird because this is pretty much what happened to me one day, about a year ago... Anyway thanks again Hilbo!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Note to Me

Dearest Phil sent me a rather excellent Note last week and I just want to publicly thank him for the supreme effort put into this particular note. The weird thing is that I can identify with Lester 100%. Thanks again Philo.

In other news, me and Mindpuss will be heading of to Adelaide for the foreseeable future on the 11thOct 2009. Volume 2 has been put on hiatus and I will be finishing it up hopefully in November or thereabouts. No doubt it will have an Australian flavour of sorts. This will also mean that I'll be missing the 24hour comic challenge which is a pisser, however I shall be partaking nonetheless and aim to hook up with the crew in the central hotel via webcam! It will be fun...