Sunday, 27 December 2009

Body Horror.

These are some sketches I did recently while working on a story arc for Mindpuss Volume 2. The good news is that these two beauties will definitely be turning up in the forthcoming issue, the bad news is that I've realised that some of the older pages I've drawn are as shit as the day is long and so I'll be re-drawing them, which will in turn push back the release date of Vol. 2.

In other news, the worst band in the world have released their newest video, (which I directed and am still awaiting payment) can be seen here:
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Saturday, 12 December 2009


Here is a painting I completed last week of a baby Kangaroo, Aboriginal style! I hung out with a lovely bunch of indigenous tribesmen for a whole weekend in the Adelaide Hills and they showed me, amongst other things, the fine art of dot painting...
I finally got my studio space sorted out with essentials for continuing my ridiculous odyssey. All my stuff, including all my art supplies, arrived from Ireland so I'm back in action once again.